Spotting Errors. This Section DIRECTIONS (Qs. 6-10) : Some of the sentences have errors and some The law should specifically / provide a clause /. (a). (b).


English grammar rules to spot the errors related to nouns in sentences and improve your verbal ability. Quick tips and easy explanation coupled with the formula based teaching and examples help you with the English grammar test.

Example: She went to his home. I decided to go to Ramya’s home. Rule 17: Conjunctions Rules For Spotting Error Rule 4: No sooner – than No sooner should be always followed by than, not by then or but. Rules for spotting errors related to Nouns Rule 1: UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS are used in singular form only (along with a singular verb and definite article if required). In spotting the errors, you are presented with a paragraph/sentence containing certain errors which you need to rectify.

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The sense of time and tense is also very important. Certain important rules are listed below. 46. A past tense in the principal clause is followed by a past tense in the subordinate clause. He saw that the clock has stopped. Incorrect He saw that the clock had stopped. Correct There are, however, two exceptions to this rule:

Tips for Error Spotting in the English Language Section. Here, we bring you some tips for error spotting in the English Language section of the bank exam syllabus: 1. Certain nouns being a singular form represent plurality and therefore, take a plural verb in a sentence. Example: police, clergy, people, peasantry, cattle.

Error spotting rules

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" spot!" We can give not-so-subtle non-verbal cues to trigger this strategy by covering up all but the first 2 letter-sounds (in the case of 1 syllab sentences, there are many places where subject/verb agreement gets confusing. Use the following guidelines to avoid agreement errors in your writing. Error-spotting exercises. Starting with the final review session in Spring 2010- 2011, I changed the format of my review sessions to be focused on solving error-   Whether to use errorless learning or error correction in discrete trials requires some strategies) and they soon became rules that were expected to be followed.

Error spotting rules

A past tense in the principal clause is followed by a past tense in the subordinate clause. He saw that the clock has stopped. Incorrect He saw that the clock had stopped.
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Spotting the errors are interrelated with the grammatical formation which further relates to the parts of speech. Usually, the error may be pertaining to the usage of parts of speech, which can be broadly described under the following points. Prepositions Rules for Spotting Error. Prepositions Examples – Preposition Exercises. Rule 16: We should not use the preposition with the noun “Home“.

Based on Problems in Articles.
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This Basic English Grammar Rules is Very Important in error detection, error spotting, Sentence Correction, sentence improvement for all Government 

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