Mauranen, Anna./ A rich domain of ELF : the ELFA Corpus of Academic Discourse.I: Nordic journal of English studies. 2006 ; Vol. 5, Nr.2. s. 145-159.


1 May 2014 ELFA corpus (2008, • English as a corpus-based fluency research (cf. Smart 2014: first LUG-annotated written corpus.

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If you have used the corpus in your own research, please let us know using the feedback form. See also the project home page. Forthcoming The ELFA corpus consists of authentic speech in the sense that it has not been elicited for research purposes. The recorded speech events are complete sessions.

217 56, MALMÖ ELFA AB. 0406717676.

From 22 January 2013, two additional versions of the corpus have become available: VOICE 2.0 XML, a second updated version of the corpus, which includes further revisions and corrections in some of the corpus texts and which corresponds to VOICE Online as of 22 January 2013 (VOICE 2.0 Online),

MAQS Advokatbyrå. Hedersleverantörer. BG Digital AB verklighetens svar på krogen Corpus Christi på. Anna Engström.

Elfa corpus


How are titles and names used as address forms in the ELFA and VOICE corpora? 2.

Elfa corpus

where speakers from various different mother tongue backgrounds use English as their shared vehicular language. Altogether, the ELFA (English as a Lingua Franca in Academic Settings) corpus contains 1 million words of transcribed spoken academic ELF (approximately 131 hours of recorded speech). The data consists of both recordings and their transcripts, which will be available to researchers on request. The Helsinki LAT Version of the ELFA Corpus Co-funded by the 7th Framework Programme and the ICT Policy Support Programme of the European Commission through the contracts T4ME (grant agreement no.: 249119), CESAR (grant agreement no.: 271022), METANET4U (grant agreement no.: 270893) and META-NORD (grant agreement no.: 270899). ELFA Corpus. Size: 13 hours Licence: CLARIN RES, MS-C-No ReD-ND-FF.
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They are often aligned with the accompanying recordings.
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Section snippets ELFA corpus. Coming to grips with academic lingua franca English requires a good database. A large corpus is a rich resource: corpus data are able to reveal linguistic regularities and patterning while also keeping track of variability in the material – and where substantial variability can be expected, as in L2–L2 interactions, discovering regularity is particularly

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